My Year in Summary: Dear 2019

2019 in Summary

Fort Lee QuarterMaster 92Y graduates

Dear 2019,

We started with a party. The first party as a married couple. We had fun drinking and eating with family and friends, until it was time to say a temporary goodbye 👋

I can’t believe you brought out the good, bad and ugly part of my life. I saw life in a different form. Little did I know I could shoot, disassemble and assemble a weapon. I never knew I could survive in cold and harsh weather. I did not know I could follow instructions and not talk back at my age mates. Wow 2019, I went through USAR annual training without two important people in my life being available to me.
I am not happy you took my Mr. Labi away from me without notice. Even when I had hope, it was shattered and I am still in delusion. Oh well, I guess that is life.

I lost weight, I got in shape and I lost the shape 😂😂😂. Guess whose fault! Yes all mine. 2019, you broke me and remolded me.
I thank God for 2019.

Dear 2020, please be good to me. I am a better person 😜🙏🏾