Education Sector Needs Urgent Attention – Politician Says


A politician Mr Kunle Lawal has called for the proper funding of the education sector in the country to address key issues in the country.

Mr Lawal who stated this while chating with Kapital FM in Abuja, highlighted some areas that needed urgent attention .

He noted that the education sector needs more budget allocation, training and retraining of teachers to meet global standards was necessary and expansion of Education Trust Fund to ensure free education for the Nigerian child.

“Our education sector is in a mess, some time ago I volunteered myself for 3 hours teaching in secondary schools in maitama, I also sponsored a book fair lunch in FCT schools, these I did because I have passion for the upcoming generation to impact on them positively, the budget for education is just 7% its too small.”

Mr Lawal also called for proactive step against insecurity, corruption and killings in some States, as the country prepares for 2019 general elections.

” our security sector should be merged into a central system for efficient service. Electricity billing should be transparent, health sector should be well funded, enforcement of law against child labor is necessary and rights of women should be protected in crisis situation”

“There is need for checks and balances among the three arms of government for effective service delivery”

The politician also decried high rent tenants are paying in the FCT, appealing with government to look into it and ensure that dilapidated structures and abandoned properties are removed.