Event – Lord of the Ribs ft Basketmouth & Bovi in Chicago


Hello blog readers, fashion lovers, travel lovers, comedy lovers, risk takers and lifestyle enthusiasts. As usual, it is time to share my experience….

Who would have thought that organized craze could crack me up this much…. The event was lit!!!

Dis-Entertainment handled the Lord of the Ribs ft Basketmouth & Bovi in Chicago that held 1st of July, 2017 at The Copericus Center in Chicago. They did a fantastic job. First of all there was a goal and it was achieved.

The venue was 100% on point. Yes o, very on point and perfect for the occasion. Massive stage, Lighting (well it was too much for me, but I get I am still a learner in photography) and organized sitting arrangement. Olabisi, the editor-in-chief at The Gist Magazine enjoyed hosting the red carpet….

This event was straight forward, no stalling. Started with the usual, DJKishi played music. Then the host was introduced Wofaifada. Trust me she impressed the audience… BTW she was styled by StyleTea. Then performances by Mc Attraction, Drama presentation by Chicago Must Laugh crew, and Mc PJ.

Finally, Bovi and Basketmouth owned the stage at different times. Both did a good job but, Bovi was my favorite. His materials were good and all he did was to hit the nail on the head. (I hope it is correct loool)

Bovi, chai from afar one will think his jokes will not be as funny as Basketmouth‘s jokes. To be honest Bovi cracked everyone up better than Basketmouth…. (shhhhh I didn’t say anything o lmao.) In Basketmouth‘s defence, he saw children in the audience and could not use his prepared materials. (wink)

Shout out to DJDeeMoney, DeeJay3k and the Dis-entertainment team. More to come from them.

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