Memorial Day Inter-Church Soccer and Picnic


Hello blog readers, fashion lovers, travel lovers, risk takers and lifestyle enthusiasts. This is for Day crawlers like Grace (lool)….

Soccer as we know is one of the major sports in Africa. This sport promotes unity. It brings people together as one and at the same time apart looool!!!

They call it “friendly”, but argue in different languages. After the game, everyone celebrates with the winners LMAO!!!

God Kulture made us have the sense of sportmanship again at its Memorial Day Inter-Church Soccer and Picnic which held on May 29, 2017 at Crane Prep School Soccer Field, 2245 W Jackson BLVD Chicago, IL 60612.

Four churches participated in the beautiful event. City Church Chicago, Schaumburg Community Church, The CityLight Assembly and Winners Chapel.

The event was indeed beautiful. It started with two prayer sections, speech by the founder Rotimi. The teams and officials were introduced and then the national anthem of the United States of America.

Finally, the match started and ended with Schaumburg Community Church winning the “Friendly” match.

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