Memorial Day Picnic by DJDiesel and Friends 2017


Hello blog readers, fashion lovers, travel lovers, risk takers and lifestyle enthusiasts. This is for Day crawlers like Grace (lool)…..

All I can say Wawu!!! A good wooow, I enjoyed myself. Everyone enjoyed themselves at the memorial day picnic by DjDiesel and friends. Music was lit by DjKO, DjDiesel, DjKishi, DjPhalme and many more.

My favorite part was Asun and white rice by the Asun Master himself Spicy Larry!!! Chai, I bought it about three times…

Yes, chin-chin master, Triple Gourmet Chin-chin was on point. Though the name was funny but the taste was hmmmm very yummy!

Above all, WOFAIFADA – a very humble TV presenter, Actor, MC and Content provider also had fun at this event… I bet she will come back to Chicago hehe!!!

I did not stay till the end but it was LIT!!!! Short-out to DjDiesel and friends for organizing this event every year….

See Pictures!

Catch yall next year hehe!!!!