PUSH – Phenomenal Spoken Word Poetry By Wayne Samuel


If you’ve been sleeping on the art form known as Spoken Word poetry then this is your chance to come out from under that rock and get introduced to it in a big way with PUSH!

Be forewarned as addiction is probable because Wayne Samuel the man behind ‘Ill 4 Grace’ has followed up what was already an incredible debut with a phenomenal piece titled ‘Push’ and yes it is a force to be reckoned with.

If you know no hustle, if you know no grind, if yours is a purposeless life then #PUSH is not for you as it speaks solely to those who wake up every morning to chase after their dreams, to those who never sleep at night because they’re too busy dreaming.

The poet blends metaphor, rhythm and an amazing delivery to create an auditory experience like you’ve never known before. But don’t take our word for it, listening is believing.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is #PUSH  https://goo.gl/lzESrY .

Remember we warned you that addiction is probable right? You’re already hooked aren’t you? Thankfully we’ve got you covered. Chronicling the viccissitudes of the believers journey and the uneasy ironies of being ‘born again’ with thought provoking statements like “salvation is instant but change is constant” here’s another hit called Paradox https://goo.gl/hylu7W .

Woah, back for more are we? And so soon. This is getting unhealthy, but have it your way. We’ve got one more fix. Me Myself and I gets a little racy at times but it’s heart is in the right place, you can download it here https://goo.gl/ZtF3yR .

Still not satisfied? Here lies the video for #ILL4Grace https://goo.gl/RO4KDH .

Got it? Great! Now you can walk with your head held high. You are no cave man, you’ve got a finger on the pulse, congratulations on your education in Spoken Word Poetry.