The PinkCrystal Spotlight – Imelda Araujo


Hello blog readers, fashion lovers, travel lovers, risk takers and lifestyle enthusiasts. I came across another interesting person on Instagram.

The Pink Crystal Spotlight shines on Malawi’s finest, Imelda Araujo founder of Kuchena LLC.

Kuchena is a fashion brand inspired by two things dear to Imelda Araujo; “Mum and Country.” Imelda’s mother has always sewn all her life, because of her mum, sewing came to Imelda naturally. 

When asked about her brand “Kuchena”, She said

“I have been fortunate to combine my gift and passion of hand sewing to create Kuchena. Then, I wanted my fashion brand to only use African print fabric called Ankara to hand sew all my products because the fabric was a representation of my home, Malawi. Though I am miles away from home I never want to forget where I have come from.“Kutchena” is derived from the Chichewa word meaning “to look and feel good.” I dropped the ‘T’ in the name, because it was easier for people to pronounce KUCHENA, and thus my brand was born. Kuchena is a online accessory store operated on

Kuchena not only strives to adorn one’s outer appearance but equally aims to adorn ones inner beauty.  Through unique hand sewn pieces that are customized by design, Kuchena embraces ones individuality and right to boldly profess their stance in the world. The brand is rooted and grounded in self-love as that is something she has tried to embody in her own life as an immigrant.

Imelda said;

 I used to feel I had to blend in to fit because I was seen as ‘different’ but once I accepted that my story made me who I was I fell in love with me.

Every fashion piece Imelda sew were accessories she wear in her own life. Imelda strives to create pieces that profess “I am proud of who I am, because I know I am proud to be me.”

Check out her style;

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