Media Personality Taje Prest launches new Footwear line “Colour Me Taje”


Taje-Prest-thepinkcrystalTaje Prest is an ever thriving entrepreneur, TV personality and Fashion enthusiast in Lagos. The UK Trained Media Personnel is one to watch, she is regarded as a ruthless media mogul bridging the gap in the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

Taje is a talented and popular TV host, personality and producer with phenomenal recognitions who also writes about various topics including; health, beauty, fitness and wellness tips. She currently writes for ‘About that Curvy Life’, Bella Naija, StyleVitae and has featured on numerous hit shows on both Ebony Life TV and Spice TV – including ‘Men’s Corner’. Taje presently Co-owns and hosts her own show “The Wedding Guest” which is aired on this enables her to travel all over the world and get first hand coverage and footage of the weddings and engagements on Nigeria’s most elite, that everyone is keen to see! She has similarly been a host on Zebra TV. Her extravagant and free spirited character led her to become an On Air Personality at Lagos’ number one radio station –The BEAT FM and served as an amazing experience for Taje whilst she was there. Taje has also recently dived into a new project which will be a show titled ‘Here & Now: The Adventures of TASA and will be aired on UBa’S Red Tv in November 2016.

Media Personality Taje Prest, has launched a new line of footwear. The footwear range, which consists of a line of Velvet Slippers, comes in fun festive colors such yellow, purple, and blue.

The slippers, which are designed as slides, feature a uniquely tied band of Velvet. The range is available in a variety of sizes.

Check it out;

Photography : @_yemiteibo
Models : @darkskinnedfemale & @mel_devidal
Make Up : @amaebiere
Brand: @tajeprest
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