ThePinkCrystal Spotlight – Christopher Hill


Hello blog readers, fashion lovers, travel lovers, risk takers and lifestyle enthusiasts. I came across another interesting person on Instagram.

The Pink Crystal Spotlight shines on Christopher Hill.

Christopher Hill was born and raised in New Jersey just outside New York City where he consistently explored while growing up. His parents loved traveling–they took the whole family all over the world with them from Hawaii and Alaska all the way to Spain, Italy, France, Greece and more!

Christopher Hill’s experience literary en-kindled his love for traveling, photography and learning all the different cultures across the world along with learning about the history and people from those areas.

Christopher is 25 years old, he has traveled to over 40 different countries on 5 continents and still looking for his next destination!

According to Christopher,

“After attending Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia for my Undergraduate Degree, I moved back home to New Jersey where I began attending Graduate School for my MBA and began working in the Public Relations Industry. Ever since moving back to the city, I became obsessed and in love with the architecture of the concrete jungle and inspired to show off my latest fashion and street-wear.”

According to Christopher, as a way to document and express all his experiences and everyday life as twenty-five year old roaming the streets of New York City.

He expressed

Blogging about my experiences along with street-photography started as a simple hobby that developed into a full on passion through my writing on my everyday life covering my lifestyle, fashion, food, experiences and everything else in between!”

Christopher is a Lifestyle, Travel and fashion Blogger, who is not afraid to explore new things.

Connect with him on Instagram @lifebyhill