Fashion Spotlight-Brittainy Perry

Hello fashion lovers. I stumbled on her Instagram page last year (2016), found her style fascinating and decided to know more.
           Brittainy Perry was born in Syracuse, New York and moved to Texas when she was about 10 years old. Being from NY, she always loved fashion and knew she wanted to be in the industry somehow, someway. Her family initially moved to Dallas. She went to college at University of Houston and literally never moved back home. She likes Houston so much and decided to stay.

While in college, Brittainy helped multiple management retail jobs including being a visual manager of multi-stores as well as being a store manager. In addition to this, she was styling people throughout her college years as well including fashion shows, internships, as well as personal styling. Working in the industry while she was at school made her qualified for her dream job before she graduated to be a corporate stylist for a major retailer.

After graduation, Brittainy moved the next day to what she thought would be a lifelong career. She stayed at the corporate stylist position for a year and learned that, it was not to her interest. To make matter uncomfortable, she was away from Home (Houston), and decided to move back. Being a religious person, Brittainy prayed about it, quit the job with no plan & drove back to Texas a few weeks later. All these happened in 2014.

Brittainy said

“I had no plan, but God always does”.

About the Brand

In 2016, she combined her love for Jesus & fashion into her blog-Styl’d Grace. Styl’d Grace is a mixture of everything she loves, from fashion to inspiration with a little bit of other random stuff in between.

Brittainy started the blog not just to talk about clothes, but to also inspire women. She said “I feel like there’s so much negativity in the world & not enough women uplifting each other”.

Styl’d Grace was created as a place where a woman can come to read about Fashion, Jesus, the latest books & all other things she loves. Styl’d Grace was created out of passion and not for money, which is what is truly important when starting something.

About Brittainy’s Style

“My personal style I would say is a mixture of boho-chic & edgy. My closet is a mixture of leather jackets & boots, pleated maxis & tons of scarves! I never know what kind of outfit I’m going to wear on any given day and like to mix things up. One day I might be wearing cheetah heels and a cute top, the next I’m bound to be wearing leggings & some kicks. I like to keep my style fun and always try not to categorize myself to just one look”.

What inspires Brittainy?

“What inspires me is nature & other people! I love to people watch and admire people who live carefree. I like to always say if I was an animal I would for sure be a bird- as I would want to see anything & everything! I like being different & have always tried my best to stick to being my unique self. At the end of the day, no one can be you like you”!

Brittainy Perry is a Lover of Jesus and all things fabulous. A Personal Stylist and a fine blogger. I really admire her and hope to see more of her beautiful style.